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Apostils Against Hegemony, Vol. I: Transitive Properties


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sirdeca As Queer Metal-Singer and Artist I want help this Company to grow. Can’t say which Song/Band is a favorite now. Change every day
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Drymonema Fantastic label, artists and album. Even greater cause.
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sawtongue This is queer music, to me. This is beautiful and horrible (in the grand sense of the word) and perfect. I love it.
Stronger together, and speaking to each other through music and words.
Gene Hex ● Evening of Light
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Gene Hex ● Evening of Light "It feels close. It feels like a warm reminder that there are many of us out there with a shared love for musical expression and experimentation."
"It is a culture where our ϙueer preoccupation with sex and death is not just lived but cast through a variety of creative lenses, and I love it."
"The existence of this music itself, and queer art projects like it, will maybe go even further towards showing our siblings that life is worth living than any money ever could." Favorite track: Her Stillborn Body.
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Clawing for every inch of this construct of flesh and fat Screaming for the ether that twists this monster of muscle and bone Fueling its hell fire churning an engine of blood and hormone Pain is the penance, violate the orders of man. A minty scalpel sanitized and white Cuts an incision deep as the soul These forceps dyed blue as the sky Pull forth the self from ego's shell A birth after birth barren of womb A cursed form chiseled from exclusion A moth dying in its own cocoon An unnatural being drawn free from illusion Clawing at its own world hostile to the stillborn body Screaming for scared air oxidizing to the stillborn body Agony her flame tempering to the stillborn body Pain sunk into love for her and the stillborn body Her stillborn body Love yourself and your stillborn body Love yourself and your stillborn body
damned is the man who wears the collar kill the man who comes between us and the divine fear not the dark nor the sun's return that stony law i stamp to to dust and scatter religion abroad that stony law i stamp to dust no crook no rod we cannot be led
Like the snake, I shed my skin, revealing beneath it the glow of what stayed hidden for all these years. Always part of me, but lurking in shadows, my new life is here. I will not miss my old skin, but I will cradle it to my chest one final time and lament for my childhood where I felt so alone. You are free now, I assure the dry bundle. You will find happiness. I place it down into the earth and cover it with dirt, where my old self will fuse with a blossoming flower and be reborn. I am finally whole. Euphoria is mine. A python slinking among the tall grass, knowing who and what I am.
It feels too late. Many moments passed. Opportunities lost. At what cost to the self. Still desiring change. Still persist with such noise. It feels too late. The horror of choice. We live in our dreams. Escape into screens. The truth built from lies. Spread far and wide. Some questions worth asking. But intent often ill. Humanity leaves me cold. How deep its hate goes.
center of my chest a cavity opens, bursting gnashing teeth, nascent tongue clutching at unpronounceable self the abyssal “I” the burning “am” laminae of gases expand in the enormous cosmos in the cavity of the mouth the abyssal “I” the burning “am” condensing into an astral arrow lungs pregnant with impalpable truth, I fall to my knees and from my center bursts a barbed vowel arcing toward the gorge of fate body tearing itself apart under pressure as the mouth screams my name, my name, my name, my name body topples, sublimates, spirals toward the veins of the rising sun
a summer of misery every year the mocking sun endless remembering what’s over now I am here still wait your whole life nothing happens at all wait your whole life for nothing the mercy of evening perfect peace fade into the night endless remembrance leave me here in loving memory


Feb. 4 is AER's first anniversary.

For our 6-month 'halfiversary,' we did a 3xCS comp celebrating the artists on AER's roster. This time, however, we don't want to make our anniversary about ourselves. We'd much rather put the focus on the larger community of musicians of which AER is but a small part.

To that end, we're starting a new phase in the label's existence. More specifically, we're fully committing to the activist route by kicking off a series of digital compilations entitled APOSTILS AGAINST HEGEMONY, each volume of which will highlight underrepresented or marginalized musicians within the community.

On Feb. 4 we're releasing VOL. I: TRANSITIVE PROPERTIES, which features all LGBTQAI+ artists. 100% of the sales from the comp will be donated to a non-profit focused on suicide prevention among LGBTQAI+ youth.

There's a ton of great music on this compilation, and we're really excited to share it. AER may not the biggest label around, but we're going to use the platform we have to do as much good as possible within our community


released February 4, 2020

Artwork: Sarah Allen Reed


all rights reserved



Akashic Envoy Indiana

Akashic Envoy Records is a boutique cassette label focusing on limited run black metal, dungeon synth, and dark ambient releases. AER’s hope is to be able to cater to both the hardcore collectors and fans who simply enjoy listening to music on cassette by offering both regular and special editions of each of our releases. ... more

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